as a community, we need to show up for new parents and wrap you in support and care.

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What is Community Supported Postpartum?

Postnatal care and recovery is one of the most under-discussed and under valued aspects of healthcare in the US, as well as many other countries. Not only are we falling short to support the extraordinary physiologic changes after birth, our culture and systems literally don't create space to acknowledge the huge life changes that come with welcoming a baby.

Time and time again, new parents are made to feel invisible.

Community Supported Postpartum groups are local classes for parents and babies to be seen, to be acknowledged, to build community and to be resourced with support to recover and flourish.

Our modern culture puts expecting mothers on a pedestal but abandons parents of newborns at the exact moment you most need our care and attention.

(I blame our mainstream preoccupation with individualism, productivity and busy-ness.)

But when you thrive, our children and communities thrive.

So let’s put you at the center of a web of support, right now.

In our weekly group you will be connected with local caregivers who offer traditional postpartum practices, physical postpartum healing and conversations on the essential specialized care bodies that have birth need in the first year (and beyond).

We will share ways to create ritual and rhythm with baby through your day so you can build security, trust and belonging in your dyad.

Our group is rooted in community building for new parents...without the dogma or judgement.

Our classes create space to connect with yourself, with your baby and with your community.

For 9 years our inter-generational weekly classes have been a place where we bring local resources to you, all with one thing in common: nurturing the postpartum journey and making visible the profound changes as a parent.

A strong sense of community is a powerful remedy for healing, bonding and belonging. Let's build it, together.

We believe in:

resourcing new parents & postpartum caregivers

 Building supportive peer networks for newborn parents

That caregiving is the root of healthy

About Kerry 

Parents don't need another online group. They need each other.

⁠I believe that having community is an essential part of flourishing for new parents AND for those of us who care for new parents.⁠

The community supported postpartum facilitator course and curriculum is the fruit of my experience and education as a doula, early childhood educator and parent.

I believe that a strong network of support for new parents can fortify the entire community. I have facilitated local groups for new parents and their babies for 9 years in west Sonoma County, each one continuing to build community connections long after the classes end.

You can read more about me, my experience and education Here.

What to expect in our local classes:

*You will learn songs and games to connect with your baby using the language of bonding, respect and delight.

*Learn simple nurturing practices to add to your day that will keep you grounded and nourished AND get comfortable asking for support (despite cultural conditioning that influences new mothers to "do it all")

*Enjoy a nourishing snack especially made for the postpartum season with organic ingredients and herbal tea. (you will also receive a copy of each week's menu ingredients so you can make it at home) 

*Meet local caregivers face to face, who offer resources and practical tools focused on nourishing your postpartum journey. (It's like a mini-class each week from all of the best practitioners focused on tending to parent's and baby's needs in the first year.)

*Share the HUGE transformation and unseen work of early parenting in a nurturing space of support, acknowledgement and friendship which blossoms long after our group ends.
* If you are pregnant and interested in joining once your baby is in arms, you are welcome to visit.

Past class topics have included:

*Baby Massage and the importance of nurturing touch for babies and parents.
*Mother Warming and Vitality through the lens of traditional Chinese medicine and herbs.
*Capturing moments of early motherhood with Haiku.
*Herbal wisdom for baby care and mother rejuvenation.
*Rehabilitating pelvic floor and core.
*Staying connected with your partner as a new family.
*Traditional postpartum practices to recover a birthing body.
*Making requests as building community.
*Creating a support plan to rest and slow down in the postpartum season.
*Postpartum nourishment and baby's first foods.
*Creating simple home rhythms and new family traditions for your family.
Show and tell...collaborative wisdom.
Fall 2021 class topics shared with folks wishing to enroll.

 To join the fall group or be included in future groups, please email

Enrollment is now open for our fall 2021 classes.
This season we are offering 3 options for new parents:

**Dyads-parent & baby class-1 parent/caregiver + baby*
*this group meets 10-12pm on Tuesdays* (FULL)


**Triads-2 parents/caregivers/support person/friend/couples 2 adults+ baby*
*this group meets 2-4pm on Tuesdays* (2 spots left)
Click here to enroll in the TUESDAY TRIAD class.

This is the 9th year of offering these classes in our community and I am feeling the roots and strong connections that have formed. Parents from past groups have formed care-shares, babysitting co-ops, craft nights, and most importantly-strong long-lasting friendships. It was so much easier "distance-learning" with a few other families that connected in one of the first groups 9 years ago.


Our classes meet on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, fall series is 10 weeks.
We begin September 7th and our last class is November 9th.*

We will meet at Ragle park in Sebastopol beneath the Grandmother oaks (map will be provided).

Groups will be fed a nourishing snack and fortifying herbal tea.
Groups will have access to our online resource hub.
We have extended our time together to 2 hours for *lots of sharing time, and for sharing a meal (new parents need to be nourished!).

*A few topics coming this fall:*

*Herbal allies to support immunity with herbalist Jen Bredesen (How capitalism and productivity keep us from rest)

*Making requests=Community building with Kerry (How receiving support actually builds community and interrupts toxic individualism and isolation culture)

*Pelvic floor recovery with Jeanie Wright (tangible everyday practices to resources your body and recover....oh, and why patriarchy has contributed to birthers overriding their body's natural needs)

*Nourishing foods for the postpartum year (Simple recipes that deeply nourish your body and why we have special dietary needs after
birth....while interrupting diet culture and the myth of "getting your body back")

*Staying connected in your relationship after baby (Finding rituals and a special time to reconnect in your new constellation...while naming and neutralizing inequities of caregiving and redefining partnership)
....and many more supportive topics, community building and guest speakers.

Free community resources when you sign up on our list.

grab them here

This is an inclusive environment.
We recognize and affirm that not every body that births is female and that not every post-partum parent has given birth. We welcome you in this tender season of life when you have a body that has recently birthed, when you are a new parent, when you are a postpartum mother, or when you are an adoptive or foster parent of a newborn.