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Let’s imagine a world where families and parents are well resourced and not burnt out…

Let’s imagine a culture that encourages communities and neighborhoods to show up as a village for new families and support them through early parenting..

Let’s ensure that the caregivers, birthworkers and village tenders can have the resources they need to add a new stream of revenue to their care-based business. So that this essential work is sustainable long term

Let’s create communities rooted in deep relationships so folks have a space to be witnessed and held during the early stages of parenthood.

Because parents and children are really what our communities are made of.

And the more we can show parents how valuable they are, the stronger our communities will become.






postpartum community care course

This is what we’re building in the village tenders Course!

Let’s tend the village.

This work helps new parents reclaim the postpartum year. 

My goal is to make sure that the care providers like you are also supported which is why I developed this course and framework (this course functions as a new turn-key program that you can immediately launch. You will have everything you need to add a new revenue stream to your business).

We will spend 2 months together learning how to create and sustain nourishing postpartum communities that will connect parents with the skills, resources and tools that they need to truly thrive.

Each week you will have access to new content and weekly live co-work hours on Zoom (schedule below) with Kerry and other participants. Receive a beautifully printed curriculum and handbook mailed to your home and access the facilitator resource hub for continued support beyond the class. 

Postpartum Community Care is an antidote to the patriarchy, consumerism or overconsumption, diet culture, productivity culture and isolation or toxic individualism that new parents face. We are redefining early parenting by identifying systems that are designed to condition us to be martyrs and perfectionists and pressure us to compare ourselves to curated images so that we buy into materialism and harmful beliefs for others' profit and benefit.

The Postpartum Community Care Course is for the Village Tenders. The birth workers, the doulas, the lactation consultants, the early childhood educators and anyone else who is imagining and working towards a world where new parents are wrapped in support and care by their community.

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You will learn:

  •  Why peer support is an essential aspect of postpartum care and how peer support impacts maternal mental health.

  •  A step-by-step plan to build your local parent and baby group from concept to completion,

  •  How to build a professional network of other care providers and village tenders.

  •  Songs and games to teach parents and babies so that nurturing touch and consent culture are part of everyday life.

  •  How to name the villains of early parenting so that parents can interrupt harmful narratives that have been internalized   and collectively redefine them for the future.

  •  Receive nourishing recipes to share or make with your group.

  •  Tap into over 100 already-made-classes that you can share with your group so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

  •  We value accessibility, learn ways to create access to your group so that everyone can flourish (sliding scales, time   trades, sponsorship, payment plans, etc)

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This work is our future.

This work is important.

We are learning the skills to become village tenders, in our communities, businesses and families.

Want to join me in building ecosystems of care for new families?

Meet your guide:

Hi, I’m Kerry Ingram. Like you, I’m a village tender, an early childhood educator, doula, mother and community organizer. I created Community Supported Postpartum 10 years ago because I’m passionate about creating a culture that values caregiving as the foundation of a just society.

My superpower is connecting people with resources, supporting others to create care-based communities, and coaching caregivers to build peer support groups in resourced and connective ways (no more burn out). You can read more about my background here.

I created the Village Tenders course to be the most comprehensive, organized, community-building, co-empowering super-resource available to committed birth workers who know the value of community support and want to build this service into their work.

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Parents don't need fixing, they need support!

The Details:

A Comprehensive Digital & Printed PCC Handbook-- chock-full of resources and activities + a thorough business how-to guide + a complete framework for facilitating your own local parent-baby groups ... so you have absolutely everything you need to create a deep and nourishing group experience, without having to build it all from scratch yourself (we’re talking more than 20 years of curated magic).

Exclusive group facilitator content (songs, games, conversation prompts, ideas for guest speakers, supply checklist, enrollment details, how to structure your group, etc)...so you can roll out your new offering efficiently and offer your community quality educational materials to support them in growing as a new parent.

The facilitator resource hub will help you clarify your vision and confidently implement your new community groups, so you can feel confident and empowered as a leader, even if you’re completely new to postpartum work.

The Sample Bundle is an exhaustive online and/or printed collection of peer based (PCC alumni) community building resources for your treasure box of over 100 already made-for-you-classes, so you can adapt or simply put them into action without re-inventing the wheel.

Listing and promotion on the CSPP network, mailing list, and social media pages to support you in promoting your new group.

Access to monthly co-work hours for ongoing support from Kerry Ingram, CSPP creator, Village Tender and educator, ensuring you get the most out of my extensive experience and expertise.

Learn about sliding scale models and alternative funding so that you can create a group that is accessible to more folks and make sure you feel resourced as well.

And of course the 8 Weeks of Content + Weekly Interactive Days of Training on the course & Zoom*

*participation requested


*Live co-work hours Wednesdays 10am PST*

Week 1: Intros. Why Parents Need Support & Sharing our Vision

Week 2: How to build a caregiving ecosystem

Week 3: Reclaiming the postpartum year

Week 4: The Village and the Villans

Week 5: Create your class co-workshop

Week 6: Investment, Reciprocity and Accessibility

Week 7: Facilitating, Caregiving and Collective Agreements

Week 8: Starting Your Group, resources and Q&A

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What folks are saying:

Kerry has infinite wisdom to share, and still manages to center the knowledge and the creation of community. So many of us in this field of work are yearning for a different world, and Kerry truly offers that possibility. The course maintains a perfect balance of self-paced and efficient. All of the work we are asked to do is meaningful. It is clear that Kerry wants every participant to feel heard and be prepared to lead a group when they leave the class, and she achieves that. This course is for anyone who authentically wants to create a new culture in the postpartum world, learn more about themselves along the way through introspection, and have the practical tools to start a postpartum support group immediately after the course is through. Thank you for all that you do, Kerry!

~mary killeen pena, CA



What folks are saying:

Kerry, you've created such a beautiful offering to the world. I say the world because I believe that the entire world and planet benefit when we take care of mothers and children. It's taking care of the human race. I'm very excited to work with you on this vision.




Course Modules:

Week One: Reflect 
Why is community support important for new families? How can we become the village tenders we all need? Learn about the community supported postpartum builds sustainable ecosystems of care. 

Week Two: How to Build Your Caregiving Ecosystem 
Build a culture of mutuality, collaboration and community to interrupt the toxic narratives of competition. Learn how to connect with the birth and postpartum caregivers in your community so that new parents can access specialized support.

 Week Three: Reclaiming The Fourth Trimester 
Why is the postpartum season so vital to the health of parents, families and communities? How can we, as a community, step into our necessary role to acknowledge this as a time unto itself and wrap ourselves around new families in support of this transition. How peer support is one of the most valuable and impactful (yet forgotten) aspects of postpartum care and how to change this in your community.

Week Four: The Village & The Villains
Community Building helps to orient new parents and support them in early parenting. We will look at isolation culture, systems and narratives that contribute to parents feeling invisible and not enough. You will learn how to use the name the villain framework in your group to name the system, tame the narrative and re-claim the postpartum year.

Week Five: Create your Class Co-Workshop
Using the PCC framework, you will create your own sample class for your community. This day is a co-work session where you get to practice what you have learned so far, and get 1 on 1 support from Kerry as well as feedback from all participants. You will also receive over 100 examples of themed classes you can offer...with every delicious detail!

Week Six: Reciprocity & Accessibility 
Let's talk about business and ways to make these groups accessible while also feeling resourced because we want everybody to flourish. Learn how to use a sliding scale, alternative payments, sponsorship, and other ideas for your participants. 

Week Seven: Caring Culture & Facilitation
Build a culture of consent and body fluency with infants and their parents. Protect and encourage innate parent-wisdom, parent-baby bonding and the roots of respectful baby tending. Learn about facilitation, holding space and creating collective agreements for your group. The heart of this vision is gathering in real life, face to face. Learn how to connect with your community and the families you will serve. Receive a supply list as well as ways to gather resources for your group. *Support in the time of Covid-19, yes. I have added to this module how to shift your group online in light of the Pandemic and other natural disasters.

Week Eight: Wrap it up with Resources Galore
Finish the training with a week of putting it all together and a 90-minute Q & A session so you feel clear on your next steps. Receive an entire online hub of resources with shareable articles, recipes, conversation prompts, printable guides, business support, conversation prompts for your group, and oh so much more.

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Client Love

The Postpartum Community Care model feels like a much-needed balm for a culture that places undue value on individualism and consumerism that can leave new mothers feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Drawing on the wisdom of others in the community and creating an intergenerational group for parents and babies to gather, share, and create feels essential in creating true community. I have so appreciated this training and it's offerings. I am completely inspired to bring what I have learned here into my own community and now I feel confident that I have the tools to do so successfully!



~ Sonja Barclay, Portland, OR

Client Love

This course is a thorough guide on how to host and facilitate a consistent gathering of mothers in one's own community - especially new mothers navigating their whole new lives. How to uplift and value motherhood, and open doors to the significant feeling and security of having a village to support one's mothering journey. Honestly, something that should be so natural and simple, yet, in our modern times, has become a highly-involved to-do to check off our long lists.



~Aisyah Ezral, Oakland, CA

Client Love

Kerry has created such a special curriculum for the Community Supported Postpartum course. It was so wonderful to delve into the "why" at the start and so motivating to reflect on the importance of this work and hear the perspectives of the other participants. It is obvious that a lot of thought, heart and hard work went into this course. You will finish with surprising new perspectives and shifts in your ways of thinking, as well as charged up and excited to bring this important work to your community! 



~Jasmiene Powers, CA

Client Love

The Community Supported Postpartum course is thorough. From it’s aesthetics to abstract thinking of heart, purpose and vision, to the nuts and bolts of “how to create a group,” no detail was spared. Kerry’s years of experience as a group facilitator along with her experience as a educator, postpartum doula as well as being a mama and foster parent herself, she brings knowledge and insight to one of the most challenging times, the postpartum year. 



~Jenyng Wu, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the course take place?

This course is hosted on Teachable, you will need access to the internet and a computer or mobile device. Each week, new content will be accessible on the course and  you will have perpetual access to the content. 

How much time does this course take?

How much time does this course take?

Each week there is new content including videos and reading that you choose the time that works best for you. There are also weekly live "office hours" on Wednesdays 10-11am PST. Plan to devote up to 3 hours per week during the course. 

What happens when I finish the course?

What happens when I finish the course?

Upon completion you will have access to our online community resources and monthly co-work hours. You will also have everything you need to launch your parent & child group.

Is Community Supported Postpartum a franchise?

Is Mothering Arts-Community Supported Postpartum a franchise?

Is Mothering Arts-Community Supported Postpartum a franchise?

No, it is the name of my curriculum/online course AND my licensed business. It is not a franchise.

Will you share ways to reach out and reach my community?

Will you share ways to reach out and reach my community?

Yes, we have great practical ideas to support you to make connections, we also have a workshop from Doula Darcy who is a marketing coach for birthworkers. 

Will you talk about how you model your business?

Will you talk about how you model your business?

Yes, though many facilitators have their own way of offering their group, I am happy to share my own journey and some great resources and additional support recommendations to create a solid foundation.