Showing up for each other is a skill. Let’s skill-up and tend the village, together.

Village Tenders
 Postpartum Community Care

Birth-workers, Postpartum caregivers and folks who work with parents, and parents of young children let’s work together.

Add the missing piece to your birth-work/postpartum care business: Community Support.

Let’s imagine a world where families and parents are well resourced and not burnt out...

Let’s imagine a culture that encourages communities and neighborhoods to show up for new families and support them through early parenting..

Let’s create communities rooted in deep relationships so folks have a space to be witnessed and held during the early stages of parenthood.

Because parents and children are really what our communities are made of.

And the more we can show parents how valuable they are, the stronger our communities will become.

Add the missing piece to your birth-work/postpartum care business Community Support 


A 2-month self-paced course for village tenders who are ready to build parent and child groups in their community.

Step into leadership, support parents and be a culture-maker.
Our turnkey business framework and curriculum gives you everything you need to get started right away.


Rhythm and Ritual 

A happier home life -
with more sweet moments
and way less self sacrifice.

 Time is our most valuable non-renewable resource. So let's use it wisely.
Yet in a culture that thrives on busyness and multi-tasking, families often feel like they are in a hamster wheel of to-dos. It doesn't have to be this way.

- A healthy home rhythm is about making time for what is meaningful to your family, together.

- Learn a simple step-by-step framework to create your unique family rhythm.

- Make it easy for the whole family to get on board with home-care, without having to keep asking with our printable rhythm wheels.

- Learn how simple rituals throughout the day create our family culture and a sense of belonging.

Interrupt antiquated gender roles that by default, expect women (women-identifying) to do the lion’s share of caregiving and housework. Spoiler alert: Motherhood does not=housekeeper.

Join our self-paced course and get bite-sized doable steps to make space for what your family values.

This self-paced course is available anytime.

Investment $300

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Local Parent & Baby Class

Live in Sonoma County, California? Join our weekly parent-baby group.

-Connect with other parents and babies in this season of life.

- Learn from postpartum professionals ways to support, recover and care for yourself and your baby.

- Cultivate rhythm and rituals through your day that create a sense of belonging, care and trust with your baby.

-Attune to your baby with our connection-based songs and games

- Talk about all the unseen aspects of early parenting and honor your transition into parenthood.

We meet on Wednesdays from noon-2pm in Graton. 

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The Better Baby Shower Workshop

Growing a family is an extraordinary rite of passage. Parents deserve to be seen and acknowledged in this powerful life transition. 

All too often we rely on cringe-worthy activities that have nothing to do with recognizing the important transition for a parent and everything to do with more stuff, comical games with no meaning, and leave parents-to-be feeling a bit devalued. The modern baby shower is a missed opportunity.

We can have just as much fun AND create a meaningful experience. This low-cost workshop will teach ways to weave the community stronger, ideas that celebrate the parent without co-opting from other cultural traditions, and activities that actually create continued support for the new family. 

Baby showers can be a HUGE opportunity to fortify community support for new parents...and community support is the gift that keeps on giving. Better baby showers are an opportunity to make the joy last by creating a meaningful experience for the new parents as well as all of the participants.

If you want to be that birth-worker, village tender, or friend who creates the most memorable celebrations for new parents, sign up to the Better Baby Shower workshop today.

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(Coming in summer 2024)

Reclaim Early Parenting

Parents, let’s Reclaim your own voice

...AND reduce the impact of social conditioning in early parenting.

Let’s face it, new parents and expecting parents are swimming in narratives of never being good enough, never looking good enough, never doing enough and never knowing enough. When parents are isolated all of these narratives act as villains that prey upon them and impact mental health and add to the harmful conditioning of new parents feeling invisible and burned out.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Most of us have internalized beliefs that simply don’t belong to us, but are the result of our upbringing, environment and marketing campaigns.

Changing the story means changing your perspective. Working together 1:1, I am here to support your unique journey and reclaim early parenting by identifying systems that are designed to condition us to be martyrs and perfectionists and pressure us to compare ourselves to curated images so that we buy into materialism and harmful beliefs for others' profit and benefit.

The truth is that parents don’t need fixing, they need more support.

Early Parenting coaching with Kerry will help you recognize the systemic pressures that keep parents feeling like they are never enough or never doing things “right”. When you recognize these patterns, you can break them and change the narrative for your children and future generations, and your community.

Our “name the villain framework” will give you a step-by-step process to see the narrative, understand what system is influencing us and how to interrupt it and do things our own way.

How to create your own experience of early parenting as a time unto itself so that you can attune to your instincts about your babies’/childrens needs and your body’s recovery, and wellbeing.

This course will help you radically de-shamify some of the narratives you have taken on in early parenting, connect the dots where they come from and encourage you with practical support to do things YOUR way. You will walk away able to recognize the systemic beliefs that make you (or the parents you support) feel crummy, do things your way and be part of a culture-making shift in the early parenting realms. 

We offer multiple investment plans, click here to see which one works best for you. 

What you get:
- 1 on 1 weekly coaching
- Customized resources
- The “Name the villain” framework
-Voxxer Follow Ups

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Need some individual support?

Parents Work with Kerry to:

 - Get even more support to create a home rhythm
- Create a care-share or pod for your young child(ren)
- Establish consistent rhythms for kids with more than one home

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Client Love Notes 

The PCC course is a thorough guide on how to host and facilitate a consistent gathering of mothers in one's own community - especially new mothers navigating their whole new lives. How to uplift and value motherhood, and open doors to the significant feeling and security of having a village to support one's mothering journey. Honestly, something that should be so natural and simple, yet, in our modern times, has become a highly-involved to-do to check off our long lists.


Client Love Notes 

Kerry has created such a special curriculum for the Postpartum Community Care course. It was so wonderful to delve into the "why" at the start and so motivating to reflect on the importance of this work and hear the perspectives of the other participants. It is obvious that a lot of thought, heart and hard work went into this course. You will finish with surprising new perspectives and shifts in your ways of thinking, as well as charged up and excited to bring this important work to your community!


Client Love Notes 

The Postpartum Community Care course is thorough. From it’s aesthetics to abstract thinking of heart, purpose and vision, to the nuts and bolts of “how to create a group,” no detail was spared. Kerry’s years of experience as a group facilitator along with her experience as a educator, postpartum doula as well as being a mama and foster parent herself, she brings knowledge and insight to one of the most challenging times, the postpartum year.


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Free community resources when you join the free Community Supported Postpartum (CSP) Network. Mighty networks is like a blog, Facebook news feed and learning platform all rolled into one. The CSP network is a place for new parents and those who care for new parents to build community and share resources.