Learn how to create less chaos and more lightness with a simple framework for organizing basic daily tasks for the whole family.

Build in points of connection (AKA rituals) every day to cultivate stress-free transitions for your little ones.

This course is here to change that by giving you a map to get back in the saddle, back on the path and actually have some fun.

Our culture simply puts too much on the shoulders of mothers. And so it can seem like the work of family gets more attention than the experience of family, often at the cost of the mother’s well-being.

This course is designed to change all of that.

Rhythm & Ritual

In this course, you will learn: 

  • How to align your time with what is meaningful, create points of connection and cultivate more calm and connection.

  • How to define your family values so you can get clear on what matters most to your family.

  • A step-by-step framework walking you through your family's schedule so you can figure out what is working, and what is not. 

  • A healthy home rhythm for creating a simple flow to your day and week so the WHOLE FAMILY can get on board.

  • How to interrupt antiquated gender roles around homecare and chores so everyone feels cherished and supported.

  • How to create regular times for activities that you actually enjoy (buh-bye manager-mom)

  • Simple rituals that create points of connection to make transitions easier for little ones (and adults).

Rhythm & Ritual also offers 3 video modules that you can watch with anyone other adults in the home to get you on the same page and understand the course content together. Rhythm & Ritual is framed with bite-sized modules and 4 additional bonuses guiding you step-by-step through a very practical process guiding you to a happier home life.

You'll also get loads of resources to give the practical gems that folks love to share. 

~ Marianne Desantos, NM

This course was revolutionary for our family! Once we defined our family values it became easier to choose what we want to spend MORE time doing, and the create boundaries around the things we want spend LESS time doing. The home care section was so helpful for my partner and I to have a clear framework for who does what-in fact, the whole family is on board (no more burnout for me). The printable rhythm charts are adorable and really practical so that everyone knows what to expect each day WITHOUT ME HAVING TO REMIND THEM. Lastly, the suggestions for rituals are just as lovely for my children as they are for me. This course is awesome!!

Client Loves Notes 

Hi, I’m Kerry. I’m a postpartum caregiver, early childhood educator, doula, mother, and village tender. 
Long before Community Supported Postpartum existed I was a kindergarten teacher in the mountains of Colorado. I loved the simple rhythms of each day of the week (painting day, gardening day, baking day, etc).

Rhythm was just what this free-spirited-ski-enthusiast needed to work and play and enjoy both.

From my years working with young children, I developed a class called Rhythm & Ritual which has supported over 2,000 families to create a flow to their day and align their time with the things that matter most. 

Founder of Community Supported Postpartum

Kerry Ingram

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This course is taught by 

This course is designed for parents with children ten and under….AND many families have used it with their teenagers as well.

This course is for you if...

Your child melts down every time you ask them to put on PJs (AKA 5 nights a week)…this course will help!

You can’t get a moment to yourself and steam is coming out of your ears? We got you!

You feel like your always nagging and resentment is on the rise.

Reminding people to do things is a huge energy drain! This course offers a system where no one ever has to nag again!

Everyday seems like an obstacle course just to get out of the house-this will help!

Dishes breeding on counters and no ones hands seem to work except yours?

Tired of being manager mom, wouldn’t you like to be the fun one? Or at least the human one?
I promise, this is an outcome of the course.

You and your male partner believe in equality, but that’s not what’s happening in the household chores. This change is the #1 thing that past participants have raved about

The Rhythm & Ritual course is accessible today!

  • The course content is found on the Teachable platform and is self-paced.

  • Access a private course space for folks to share resources and build community.

  • You have access forever to this course, the recorded meetings and all the content.

Course Modules:
Introduction & Supplies
What is Rhythm?
Defining Your Family Values
Your Current Schedule
Daily Activities
Family Culture-Making
Filling Your Cup
Filling in Your Rhythm Chart
Reflect & Refine
Your New Healthy Home Rhythm
Practice Makes Progress

Bonus Content:
Rhythm in the Postpartum Year
Simple Meal Planning
My Favorite Resources for Family Meals
Little Rituals for Little Ones

The Details 

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Start a new day with Rhythm & Ritual in your home.
This course is all practical, no busy-work.

The end result is not more chores or more hovering/managing- The end result is a delightful family ecosystem in which everyone is cherished and no one is living in chaos.

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