Parents don’t need fixing

They need a village

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The Birthworkers. The home care visitors. The community builders and leaders of baby groups. The neighbor who shows up with a casserole. 

The aunty who cuddles the newborn so a parent can sleep. 

The grandparents who’ll fold laundry or babysit. The BFF who researches the best breast pumps. The co-workers who organize a meal train or a baby shower. 

The lactation consultant who helps the baby latch, finally.

This is for you, the daily heroes already tending the village: Your support makes all of us stronger.

We’ve got some more professional resources for you! A teaching platform with resources, courses, workshops and tools so you can show up for your community.

And it’s for those of you ready to get started tending your village. 

We’ve got kits, guides, and courses that can help you do everything from throwing a   
     brilliant baby shower to interrupting harmful narratives impacting new parents to creating more community with parent and baby groups.

                …so you can be even more of a champion for the people you love.

Because showing up for each other is a skill.

Let’s skill-up and tend the village together.

We’re Building the Village-Together

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Support for early parenting

For Village Tenders and Birth/Postpartum Professionals

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Hi! I'm Kerry

I believe in a world where new parents are resourced, rested and wrapped in community care because when families flourish, communities flourish.

Join me in creating a village of support for parents…

…because birth is just the beginning.

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Not sure how to help? 

This printable worksheet can help you be a village tender with your clients.

Supporting them to organize who does what. Parents, this will guide you through
organizing support in the early stages of of parenting


Circles of Support

Transitions can be challenging for little ones.

Learn a few simple rituals to make transitions from task to task easier for little ones and build more sweetness into your day.

Create a happier home life with way less tears and way less nagging.



Less cringe-y, more meaningful

The modern baby shower is ready for an update!

Walk away with ideas to create a memorable gathering that wraps the parents-to-be in joy and acknowledgment.

Learn simple activities that weave the community stronger, and activities that actually create continued support for the new families while still having fun (no more poopy diaper games). 

Get connected to other caregivers, village tenders, and parents.

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Guide to a Better Baby Shower 

Client Love

The Postpartum Community Care model feels like a much needed balm for a culture that places undue value on individualism and consumerism that can leave new mothers feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Drawing on the wisdom of others in the community and creating an intergenerational group for parents and babies to gather, share, and create feels essential in creating true community. I have so appreciated this training and it's offerings. I am completely inspired to bring what I have learned here into my own community and now I feel confident that I have the tools to do so successfully!


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