Caregiving is the most undervalued
resource in the world.

Building a thriving, care based business in a toxic capitalist culture can be almost as hard as raising a healthy family in one.








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And...if you’re like us, you really care.

We’re the doulas, lactation consultants, pre-natal & postpartum yoga teachers, exercise specialists, & SAHPs---so deeply called to nurture our village, we hardly notice how often our work is invisible.

At Community Supported Postpartum, we see you.

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Community Supported Postpartum is the only program of its kind that teaches you how to add a second revenue stream to your practice with a turn-key business plan and comprehensive course curriculum (in just 9 days). 

Make money while supporting new parents (in person, NOT online*...except for during COVID) build a thriving network of birth professionals in your local community,

...and teach them ALL how to radically create a new culture centered on the VALUE of CAREGIVING along the way.

When those of us who CARE take a stand on behalf of those we care about--we grow strong together. We learn to reject the lies of Isolation Culture and show up empowered to help new families do the same.

It starts with us. It has to.
Join me.

Because, birth is just the beginning.

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I created CSPP to be the most comprehensive education platform for birthworkers and caregivers looking to earn more money while creating Caregiving Ecosystems in their local communities.

I believe that we birthworkers are leaders in building the foundation of the next culture. It’s time for us to stop seeing each other as competitors (ah hem, Capitalism) and become what we know deep in our bones we really are: co-creators and collaborators.

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