Parents don’t need fixing

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 Caregiving is the most valuable and undervalued work on the planet.

The mundane parts of parenting are exactly where the most profound aspects of becoming human exist.  

It is where we feel safe
It is where we cultivate bonding, attachment and connection
It is where we feel a sense of belonging
It is where we create and experience our family culture
It is where we learn what home is
It is our first experience with consent, communication and boundaries

All parents are sharing similar baby-caring activities. They feed the baby,  play,  rest, diaper, clothe and bathe.  

How we share these activities is where we create unique relationships and shape family culture. It is also an opportunity for community building and JOY.

The seemingly mundane activities of early parenting imprint our values onto the baby. It also gives us (the parents, the village tenders, and the neighbors) a chance to see each other, to learn about each other's backgrounds and traditions.

In short -- isolation is detrimental to all of us, whether we are a newborn baby, parents, elders, or community members. Not just for the reasons we already know, but also for the real human relationships that are forged when we can see each other.

Parenting is the glue that holds our communities together.  We support you from postpartum planning to navigating through the early weeks.  We also give you the tools to flourish for the first eight years.

Our courses and coaching programs offer real skills, activities and guidance to create more happy moments, more rhythm and more community connections so that you feel completely supported.

Working with me is like having an early childhood teacher, Mary Poppins and that friend that keeps it oh-so-real in your pocket.

Parents are the glue that hold communities together,
You deserve more support.

I am Kerry!


I believe in a world where new parents are resourced, rested and wrapped in community care because when families flourish, communities flourish.

Join me in creating a village of support for parents…

…because birth is just the beginning.

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Rhythm & Ritual

Learn how to create less chaos and more lightness with a simple framework for organizing basic daily tasks for the whole family.

Build in points of connection (AKA rituals) every day to cultivate stress-free transitions for your little ones.

This course is here to change that by giving you a map to get back in the saddle, back on the path and actually have some fun.

Our culture simply puts too much on the shoulders of mothers. And so it can seem like the work of family gets more attention than the experience of family, often at the cost of the mother’s well-being.

This course is designed to change all of that

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Toddler & Early Childhood

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Postpartum Planning

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Newborn Parenting Support

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Less cringey,
more meaningful

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Client Testimonials

"The course is thorough. From it’s aesthetics to abstract thinking of heart, purpose and vision, to the nuts and bolts"

Client Testimonials

"This course has been the best one I have taken in throughout all of my birth work training and education."

Client Testimonials

"The course has been meaningful to me in more ways than I imagined. I didn’t realize how empowering it would be."

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