Establishing rhythm and ritual offers a sense of predictability, safety and connection for young children.

Download four ideas you can use every day to create a moment of pause and complete presence.

Transitions can be challenging for little ones. 



The Community Supported Postpartum model feels like a much needed balm for a culture that places undue value on individualism and consumerism that can leave new mothers feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Drawing on the wisdom of others in the community and creating a intergenerational group for parents and babies to gather, share, and create feels essential in creating true community. I have so appreciated this training and it's offerings. I am completely inspired to bring what I have learned here into my own community and now I feel confident that I have the tools to do so successfully!

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I believe in a world where new parents are resourced, rested and wrapped in community care because when families flourish, communities flourish.

Join me in creating a village of support for parents…

…because birth is just the beginning.

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