Wondering how to help families of newborns?

We say, “Call me if you need me”. We say it because we mean it.

Village tending is a skill, and this guide will help you build your skill set for your clients, friends, and community.


You will learn creative tangible practical things that families need, other than more stuff, and figure out where you fall in the circles of support map.

Get this guide for supporting families without crossing any boundaries.

You will walk away knowing where you are in the circles of support map, so know what to do without stepping on any boundaries.

  • Practical ideas for supporting new parents other than giving more stuff.
  • A map to figure out ways to help based on your relationship with the new parent (or for your clients).
  • Simple ways to offer support without overstepping and crossing boundaries
  • Organized in a 15 page printable workbook

In this guide you will get:

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