Cultivating joy is a tiny daily family practice.

Our calm & connected calendar is filled with simple suggestions to share a meaningful moment with your child.

It's like an advent calendar of connection. 

In the daily-ness of life, sometimes we can lose track
of what matters most.

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~ Marianne Desantos, NM

The Rhythm & Ritual course was revolutionary for our family! Once we defined our family values it became easier to choose what we want to spend MORE time doing, and the create boundaries around the things we want spend LESS time doing. The home care section was so helpful for my partner and I to have a clear framework for who does what-in fact, the whole family is on board (no more burnout for me). The printable rhythm charts are adorable and really practical so that everyone knows what to expect each day WITHOUT ME HAVING TO REMIND THEM. Lastly, the suggestions for rituals are just as lovely for my children as they are for me. This course is awesome!!

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I believe in a world where new parents are resourced, rested and wrapped in community care.
Because when families flourish, communities flourish.

Let's work together to create a happier home life
with more sweet moments
and way less self-sacrifice.

Founder of Community Supported Postpartum

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